1L Semi-Synthetic Two stroke Oil


Suitable for use with any brand of 2 stroke air-cooled engine, the PowerFit 1L 2-stroke oil will keep you outdoor power tools running smoothly.

This oil is ideal to use with your lawn mower, generator, pressure washer, or other petrol-powered tools. So whether you’re camping, cleaning or keeping your yard neat, you can keep the engine of your machine in good condition.

When it comes to results, you need a lubricant that can reduce the friction and wear on your motor. PowerFit semi-synthetic 10W-30 4-stroke oil is designed to do just that.

More about this oil:

  • Semi-synthetic for great value with good performance
  • 4L bottle
  • Suitable for use with your 4-stroke air-cooled outdoor machinery that needs 10W-30 oil.

Protect your outdoor power tools from early wear and tear. Find PowerFit 4L 10w-30 4-stroke oil at Bunnings Warehouse.

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